Cougars FAQ

Multiple players within the same household:

Discount to 2nd and subsequent siblings across sessions, travel teams, camps/clinics, and “No Cut.” Parents MUST identify children as siblings at registration, no refunds if not.


NO REFUNDS. In lieu of refunds, sessions may be credited to a later date if extreme illness or injury prevents participation at scheduled time. Coaches are booked and facilities paid according to the sessions scheduled; therefore, refunds cannot be given.

What are the going rates for individual training?

The rates for individual training are as follows:

12 Sessions cost: $400.00 ($80.00 SAVINGS!!!)
8 Sessions cost: $280.00 (1 Free Session)
4 Sessions cost: $140.00 (30min Free Session)

Sessions booked within the month and pre-paid. (Contact 843.333.0184 for scheduling)

What are the going rate for group training?

The rates for individual training are as follows:

12 Sessions cost: $1, 500.00 (about $250.00 per player)
8 Sessions cost: $1, 000.00 (about $170.00 per player)
4 Sessions cost: $600.00 (about $100.00 per player)

Group sessions 6 player MAX, booked within the month, and pre-paid. (Contact 843.333.0184 for scheduling)

Can you book or schedule single training sessions?


Single training sessions costs $40.00 (Contact 843.333.0184 for scheduling)

Does Confidence Hoops / Confidence Cougars provide any recruitment assistance?


In preparing for college recruitment, it is important to highlight all aspects of basketball (i.e. player highlights, accolades, full game film, practice and/or training). Confidence Hoops Confidence Cougars provides filmed recruiting workouts highlighting player’s strengths and work ethic through drill work and game simulated movements.

The rates for filmed recruiting workouts are as follows:
4 Sessions (1 Hour) cost: $300.00
4 Sessions (30 mins.) cost: $160.00
(Contact 843.333.0184 for scheduling)

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